9/7/2018 Fall Redemption

What a busy, yet awesome summer of 2018!  Many family, personal and business milestones alike.  The end of summer denotes change as the kids head back to school, (me as well actually), cooler nights, shorter days, there's just that different feeling the air, makes me want the new season to last forever.  Ongoing change, adaptability, health & well-being evolution if you will, has always been the norm for our family.  This August was no different as we received the word that it was time for yet again another Chari Decompression surgery for Shane.  I'll save you the details and just say that neuro surgery leaves me speechless and am always truly amazed at what goes on inside the human body.  

We were very unsure of the recovery time as this Shane's second surgery of this nature and the first was a but rough.  SO far SO good as we sit almost three weeks out from our hospital departure.  Back to school for a short stint today and starting to resemble his old funny, active, genuinely happy self.   Life with a rare disease is as much of a windy road as it is less traveled, be resilient, hang on tight and remain positive.