Holiday Fundraiser 2018

I am often taking back by the sheer generosity of some people. To give of oneself so altruistically for the good or betterment of someone else, is a gift. My brother-in-law has been organizing a small musical get together for the past 6 years. He, his wife, a few friends from the Boston area have band that have been jamming for quite some time. It’s coming up two Saturday’s ago now that the 6th Annual Holiday Fundraiser took place, this year in Morristown, NJ in a low-lighted, restaurant and bar named George & Martha’s. The tunes were awesome, atmosphere festive, great conversations and connection built with folks that it has been WAY too long and still the underlying message simply building stronger community relationships, advocacy, education about the every day struggles about living with and caring for a child with rare disease.

I want to thank all who attended the evening and a special heartfelt shout out to my extended family; Rooney’s, Oliveros, Rakow’s.